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Stellar Oasis
Based in San Diego, California

Release date:
August 31, 2018

Windows, Mac (coming soon)


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Your phone notifications keep popping up, relentlessly, distracting you from the game at hand! Focus and you may be able to beat a challenging AI opponent.

Luckily you have three abilities that can help:

  • Airplane Mode - Have too many notifications? Turn on Airplane Mode and clear them out!
  • Battery Drain - About to score a point and want to make sure that you do? Stop your opponent's movement with Battery Drain
  • Quick Charge - Need to stop your opponent from scoring? Quick Charge gives you a speed boost for a crucial save

Your opponent has these abilities too so watch out! Sometimes that brain will get past your phone and you will be seconds away from giving up a point. Brain Freeze to the rescue! Smash that brain against the wall and get another chance at victory.

DLC available:

  • High Score Mode - Put your Notified skills to the test and score as many points as you can before the AI scores and resets your score! Your all-time highest score is recorded on the leaderboard for bragging rights.
  • Local Multiplayer Mode - Notified is best when shared with friends! Local multiplayer supports both players using a single keyboard, one player using the keyboard and one player using a gamepad, as well as both players using gamepads.


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About Stellar Oasis

Stellar Oasis is an independent game development studio based in San Diego, California. Ian MacLeod created Stellar Oasis in 2018 with a focus on creating unique, fun games based upon original IP.

At its core Stellar Oasis has three principles for its games:

  • Entertaining - the game must be fun to play
  • Transparent - no pay-to-win game mechanics
  • Memorable - lasting positive experiences

Current project: Notified

More Information
More information on Stellar Oasis and its relevant media can be found on the Stellar Oasis press kit page


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